Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ask WE (Dear Sonya)

Dear Sonya,

Recently my girl moved in with me. In the first month things were great …now I feel like she is mooching off me. I pay the rent, bills and buy the groceries and when we go out I pay for dinner and movies etc. She never offers to pay, doesn’t even pull out her wallet or acknowledge that the bill is on the table. Last week I spent money at the LCBO and stocked up the liquor cabinet and her friends came over on the Friday and drank up the supply. I am not cheap, but I am not rich and I can afford to pay for her –she works too!

Dear poor guy,
Get a back bone! She is saving her dollars while you are spending yours. You created a bad habit, you need to fix it now, otherwise you will be sitting in overdraft and renting for the rest of your life. Do not reach to pay the bill, better yet dont even go out to dinner, tell her that you guys can’t go out because you can’t afford it.
What you should have done is discussed the budget and bills before. If she is still not keen on helping out – then ‘seeee yyyahhh’

Dear Sonya,

I have been dating a guy for almost 2 years now. Recently we have been trying to spice things up in the bedroom. I am ok with certain things however recently he has suggested we bring a third person into our bedroom. I am not comfortable in sharing my man with another woman. He keeps on reassuring me that this won’t ruin our relationship but I don’t think I will be able to feel the same way towards him if we go through with it. Do you think I am over reacting?

Dear ménage a trios,

I would not feel the same way either! Actually just asking that question would do it for me, “see yah buddy”. If you were comfortable with it (which some people are) in exploring open relationships then that would be a different story. Let him reassure you all he wants, why don’t you reassure him that he will be seeing the door next time he suggests that to you.

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