Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ask WE - Dear Sonya

Dear Sonya,

I went on vacation with a girl I met about 3 months ago, we thought we would be spontaneous and travel together. When we got there she ignored me and was hanging out with other people and the locals, we didn’t see each other most of the trip. I asked her what we “were” and she said that while we were on vacation we were not together and when we go back then she would be my girl. What is your take on this? We are back now and she is acting like nothing happened?

Dear Wake Up,

That is ‘slut’ behavior. If you decided on going on a trip ‘together’, well then why weren’t you together? What would she be able to do with you by her side that she couldn’t do without you there? Re think this girl- actually don’t waste your thoughts- send her packing ……this time without you.

Dear Sonya

I went out and met this guy at a club, all night we were flirting back and forth and I gave him my number at the end of the night. That same night he called me to wish me a good night. We have been talking every day since. I went out with my friend another night to a condo party and the host had some pictures up on her fridge…one with the guy I was talking to with his arms around her! Should I tell her? Or should I just tell him and let her deal with him?

To tattle or not to tattle,

I wouldn’t mess with other peoples relationships. You do your part to let him know what you know and move on. There are certain situations where you should tell (i.e if she is a friend of yours). The worst situation is one where the couple is still together and looking at you as the trouble maker. Sounds to me this guy is a pro, he will be called out sooner than you think. Don’t get yourself mixed up in the drama.

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