Thursday, August 30, 2007

WE People - Focus On Entrepreneur – Dave Craig

In Canada, the business community has not fully realized the true potential that Caribbean immigrants have as professional managers.

While large U.S. corporations increasingly tap into the burgeoning talent pool of African Americans for senior management roles, the more timid Canadian companies are behind in this regard and in many cases miss out on the opportunity to have more modern strategists who deliver an aggressive growth oriented strategic advantage.

However, one company which is seeing the light is Yogen Fruz Canada Inc. This internationally renowned corporation which operates in 30 countries was founded in Canada and maintains its global headquarters in Markham, Ontario.

Yogen Fruz is a classic case of a successful mature business which has been around for 21 years and could use a bit of rejuvenation. Yogen Fruz reached out to Toronto based and Jamaican born marketing executive, Dave Craig. In his senior role with the company, Mr. Craig is responsible for Business Development worldwide.

Dave Craig’s legacy will be working with the senior team to develop and execute a complete re-imaging of Yogen Fruz. As you can imagine, overhauling such an established brand with more than 1,000 stores is no easy task. The end result should be impressive and will make its world debut this year as Yogen Fruz enters the United States market with an initial foray into California and Florida.

Mr. Craig is helping to refresh and re-image the Yogen Fruz brand including the following initiatives.
* Market Intelligence garnered through consumer research
* Brand audit gained from focus group interviews
* New Logo Design
* Improved Retail Store Design
* Fresh Menu Board Design
* All New Advertising and Communications Creative

Re-imaging a major company, while simultaneously entering the world’s most competitive marketplace is exactly the type of bold challenge that black business leaders embrace and champion.

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