Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why WE?

by Anthony Joseph – Publisher

WE is not an acronym for West Indian Entertainment, but rather a reflection of you and me. It mimics our community. It celebrates the Canadians we have become and the West Indian niche in Canada we have created. WE is a reflection of the old countries of the Caribbean and all of our island's cultures and people. It celebrates what we have brought to our new northern home.
WE aims to represent you in the way you would expect to be in a quality periodical. WE will bring you the stories that matter to you. WE will keep you in the loop with what's happening within our community here in Canada and in the West Indies.

When the executives of WE Magazine first got together, it was with the intention of sharing ideas on marketing for our respective businesses. At the table was Tony Chankar (The Printing Press), one of our community's top printers, Jef Lo who operates the #1 West Indian website in the world (, Jason Singh (president of Soca Bookings) and myself Anthony Joseph, president of the #1 Caribbean newspaper serving the people of Toronto (The Caribbean Camera). Jef spoke about the number of people he met daily who expressed the need for a glossy, sexy Canadian mag that caters to the young at heart. The thought quickly gathered a life of its own and the next step was obvious - create a mag ourselves. Fill the gap ourselves. We took guidance from the old saying: Don't complain about it, just do it.

But even among a group of go-getters, ideas can die on the page moments after such sessions, but to my surprise Jason returned later with some compelling statistics that indicated that WE had to be created. Still, I did not think that my time or lack of it would permit me to be a part of such an enterprise, but with the encouragement of Raynier Maharaj, my business partner at the Caribbean Camera, passing on this exciting project was not an option. So here we are.
We intend to make WE your go-to periodical at month’s end when you can kick back, relax and dip into the glossy pages for perspectives on West Indian Canadian lifestyles, sport, entertainment, fashion, the spoken and written word in prose or verse written by some of the hippest writers in our community.

We will welcome your participation by keeping our editorial doors wide open because WE doesn't belong to only the people entrusted with its publishing and day-to-day operations, but to the people WE Magazine serves. WE is all of us.

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