Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ASK WE (Dear Sonya)

Dear Sonya,
I was in a relationship, (as far as I knew) for about a month. This guy is a promoter and he has a lot of girlfriends, some of who are models and he even travels with them for certain events. I am 22 and he is 28, he thinks I am immature because of my age, but I cant help but be jealous! I told him what I thought and now he just wants to be friends. The other day we went out and everything was back to normal (boyfriend/girlfriend), but then during the week he doesnt even call me. I’m going nuts and I keep calling him, but I don’t want to look desperate.

Dear getta clue,
If you cant handle the heat, keep out of the kitchen. First of all, one month does not constitute a 'relationship', you are probably scaring the poor guy, first by classifying your relationship as a "relationship". He has friends that are girls, so what?, are you expecting him to change his lifestyle for a girl he met and has only known for one month? Take it easy, it sounds like you cant handle his '''ways', keep it friends and if the friendship turns out to be more to him than that, then he will change his ways on his own and you wont have to say a thing.

Dear Sonya,
I met this girl at work through one of my friends, the girl is absolutely stunning. I get along great with her, it feels like we are the best of friends when we are together. Something about this girl tells me she is the '"one". The other day, one of my buddies came up to me and asked me if I was dating her and I told him YES, and then I got an earful. The girl has dated around with 5-6 guys from work before me, 'she really gets around,' he said. Those words keep haunting me and now when I am with her, I keep thinking she’s a slut and I cant get it out of my head. Should I even bother with her?

Dear, to love or not to love,
This one is a toughie, it depends on YOUR personality. You have to know if you can let this go or if it will eat at you. If not it will only bubble…until you hit your boiling point with it. Some guys wouldn’t mind because it was in the past. A part of finding who you are meant to be with is dating and sifting through the crap to find the right ONE. Some guys on the other hand cannot handle the fact that their girl has been around the block, wondering if that’s her character and how many other guys she has really been with and hasnt mentioned. I say ask the girl, then multiply by 2! just because she dated , doesn’t mean she’s slept with them. .........but if it does mean she slept with them- then
3) DONT TOUCH-- these 3 steps can be easily remembered by the acronym S.T.D.

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