Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WE BEAUTY - Taking Your Lashes to the Extreme

By Carol A. Allen

If you’ve ever wondered how some of your favourite models and actresses get their long, beautiful eyelashes, you may be surprised to find out that they are not always their own, nor are they enhanced with volumizing mascara. They are probably sporting a secretly growing trend in the beauty industry--eyelash extensions!

The process involves a trained technician bonding the synthetic lash extension with a medical glue to your own individual eyelash. The application causes minimal discomfort and the results are eye-popping.

Since traditional artificial lashes are only designed for one-day use, lash extensions, which stay on much longer, have become extremely popular in the United States, Asia and Australia and is generating huge interests in Canada. Yvette, who owns Royale Esthetics in Toronto, is an Esthetician and Hairdresser who saw the technology at a tradeshow about three years ago. As a result, she decided to launch Xtremelash Canada as an additional service.

Clients can choose short, medium or long length, in a variety of colours including red, black, brown, blue, green and purple. There are different types of lashes: singles, thick singles, or semi-singles (flares).

For the most natural look, the singles are your best option taking about two hours to apply for up to 60 pieces per eye. The semi-singles, up to 20 pieces per eye, take about one hour.
With lash extensions, you never need to use an eyelash curler or apply any mascara because of the fullness of the lash, the dark tint and their natural curl. And, they’re safe for contact lens wearers.

Caring for the lashes entails minimizing direct contact with water, not using oily cleansers and not rubbing the eye. Lash extensions should last at least two months with touch-ups every two or three weeks to replace fallen lashes. Eyelash growth, daily routine and after care will affect how long your extensions stay on. Removal should only be done by a professional.

One client, Sharon N., has been getting the semi-single lashes for about a year. "It feels natural and light and you don't even know that they're there. I usually fall asleep when I'm getting them applied because it's very relaxing. The compliments are amazing and the eyes really stand out!"
Ranging in price from $80 for semi-singles to $200 for the natural look, Xtremelash Canada's prices are quite reasonable compared to some American salons that charge their celebrity clients much more for similar extensions.

For a little extra, and if you want to get creative, you can add decorations such as artificial diamonds to the lash extensions.

When seeking out a lash extension professional, ensure that that they are certified. Yvette, who is currently training people right across Canada says, "be weary of people who are not trained. Even though you don't need experience, it's a very delicate process and you need to fully understand the application.”

For more information about eyelash extensions, you can visit the website at xtremelashcanada.com or call 416-410-8152 or 1-888-410-8152.

Carol Allen is a Skin Care Consultant and Make-Up Artist for Aloette Cosmetics.
You can book a personal consultation by calling (416) 410 7556 or by email to aloette@carrebizness.com

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