Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WE Bacchanal

By Mr PlayHouse

You know you’re a stalker when:

10: You drive pass his/her house to see if their car is there and what other cars are there.

9: You leave flowers on their car when he/she does not even know you.

8: You follow him/her all day, then go back and tell your friends later that evening you were limin (hanging out) with him/her.

7: You go through his/her phone when they are in the shower.

6: You have your significant other’s msn, email, facebook, myspace and hi5 passwords and YOU USE IT.

5: You call them more than three times in a row and they don’t answer, then from a blocked number and they still don’t answer and then from a totally different number.

4: You leave a message for someone asking, “hey, did you call me”, when you well know they don’t call you or answer your calls.

3: You are on someone’s facebook profile day in and day out going through their wall posting conversations and tagging pictures.

2: You show up at his/her job and tell the receptionist you are a client.

1: You make a voodoo doll of him/her.

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* Definition of Bacchanal: Caribbean slang word (noun); Confusion; Causing problems amongst each other.

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