Friday, September 7, 2007

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Dear Sonya,
My boyfriend is always out with his friends, he never has time to even call me at the end of the night. I feel that I am his part time girlfriend and his friends get the best of him. When he is out with his friends, he can stay out until 4am, but when he is out with me, he is tired before midnight! What should I do?

Dear Sad,
This is typical for men. Mind you girls do the same thing as well. Why don’t you try doing something a little different, mix it up a bit? The typical boyfriend/girlfriend night is going out to dinner and a movie – complete snoozer, not to mention it is making you even more tired by the end of a movie, large popcorn and jube-jubes. Try doing things that get both of your adrenaline going! For a girl, adrenaline is getting ready and going out with your new outfit and good hair day, having stimulating conversation about what some other girl did to piss you off, gossip of the day or what outfit you saw that would match your new shoes. For a guy, adrenaline would be doing something physical (not only THAT), but going rollerblading, playing a sport or even pool. You will find that you will have better conversation and interaction while you are ‘doing’ something rather than sitting face to face forcing a conversation.

Dear Sonya,
My girlfriend is borderline psycho when other girls come around. I cant even glance at another girl even in the most innocent way. As soon as I see a girl from a mile away I look in another direction just to avoid the whole conflict. I like her a lot , I think she is beautiful, but she is so insecure, its just a turn off.
Signed, just looking

Dear Just looking,
Nothing that YOU can do (ie looking away) is going to help her, she needs to do this on her own. If she is insecure, you cannot live your life trying to reassure her. The more you adhere to her, the worse it will get!. Nothing is wrong with looking, as long as you are not leering. Send her to Chapters and direct her in the self help section.

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