Friday, September 7, 2007

WE FILM – Rush Hour 3 - Tag Team Back Again

Reviewed by: Krysta Celestine

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reprise their roles as Lee and Carter (respectively) in the third installment of the Rush Hour franchise.

Lee, now a bodyguard to Chinese Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma), and Carter, a traffic cop, are in Paris when an assassination attempt is made on the ambassador’s life just as he is about to announce the identity of the leader of the notorious Triad society.

Lee and Carter’s Paris mission is a comedic and action-filled rollercoaster ride as they attempt to crack down on the Triad.

With the usual, frenzied action - sword fights, martial arts, and a well-choreographed scene at the Eifel Tower - the aging Chan proves that he’s still got it. Yet, despite his impressive moves, this was never intended to be a serious action film. Rush Hour 3 is what it is: slapstick humour at its finest.

The comedic rapport between this duo is stronger than ever. The play on racial stereotypes is as much prevalent as it was in the first two films. Case in point: after a “lover’s spat” between Lee and Carter, the two decide to go their separate ways, but are so overwhelmed with memories of the good times that Carter decides to buy some Beef and Broccoli, while Lee orders fried chicken…. Yes, it gets that corny.

If you’re hoping for just an action film, you won’t get it here; instead it is laced with several genuine laugh-out-loud moments. But if you’re looking for a great comedy, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to Chan and Tucker, Rush Hour 3 has a strong cast, including a cameo appearance by controversial French Director Roman Polanski.
Also deserving of recognition is George; (Yvan Attal) the French cabbie-turned-“Superspy”, and French supermodel-turned-actress Noémie Lenoir who plays the beautiful and mysterious Genevieve.

Word of advice to Director Brett Ratner: No need for a forth film. Rush Hour has reached its peak, and can only go so far. Let it bow out with dignity.

3.5 stars out of 5

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