Friday, September 7, 2007

WE Entertainment - It’s Reigning Men! – The Sizzling Showdown Promoting Positive Images of Caribbean Canadian Males

By Carol A. Allen

What do you get when you put a few hundred screaming women in a room with 10 of the hottest men representing the Caribbean? Pandemonium! And, it all resulted from one of the year’s most anticipated male-focused events, Mr. Caribbean Canada 2007.

The 11th annual event took place on Sunday, August 19th at the Shrine Banquet Hall located in Toronto’s west end. The contest aims “to promote positive images of men from different Caribbean backgrounds.” The contestants represented some of the most exotic vacation spots including: Jamaica; Trinidad and Tobago; Costa Rica; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Antigua and Barbuda; Puerto Rico and Barbados.

Their charm, distinctive personalities and eye-catching physiques, kept the ladies in a frenzy throughout the evening as the men competed in African wear, swimwear and formal wear categories.

But, this competition wasn’t just about good looks and great bodies. The contestants were cut from 10 to five after the formal wear segment. Thus, leaving the finalists Ryan Goddard, Lee Bascombe, David McFarlane, Marlon Daley and Fitzroy Feare, vying to become the new Mr. Caribbean Canada with just one thought-provoking question left to for them to answer.

Each contestant was asked what he felt is one of the greatest challenges facing the Caribbean Canadian community and what he would do to offer suggestions to its resolution.

In order to prevent the contestants from hearing each others responses, they were ushered off the stage and taken to a private area as they responded one by one.

Goddard, a Mechanic representing Barbados, answered that a lack of respect was a challenge and said that “as a community we have to teach these children respect.”

Bascombe, a Financial Credit Manager, of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, took a different approach and felt that educating the people about proper nutrition and eating habits was important.

McFarlane, a Telecommunications Analyst, felt that there is a lack of unity and many challenges to unify our people. He commented that “increasing positive energy, supporting and participating in events such as Mr. Caribbean Canada and volunteering” is the key.

Daley, a Mortgage Specialist, responded that the youth are a great challenge and as a community we need to “focus and spend more time on them.”

Feare, who aspires to become a Research Scientist, was very passionate in his response. He believed that “a lack of communication within families is a huge challenge facing the Caribbean Canadian community today--especially those who are growing up without dads. I am one of those youths.” Adding, “I would be proud to represent the Caribbean Canadian men and set a good example.”

McFarlane, Daley and Feare all represented the Island of Jamaica.

Although Feare didn’t win this year’s title, he captured the Second Runner-up prize.
First Runner-up honours went to David McFarlane, while Ryan Goddard emerged as not only the new Mr. Caribbean Canada, but also shared an award for Most Reliable with fellow contestant, Morlon Joseph of Antigua and Barbuda. Lee Bascombe’s defined frame earned him the “Best Physique” award. These awards were presented by the CEO/ Producer of the competition, Dave Smith.

Judges included: Karen Richardson; Rachael-Lea Rickards; Sandra Witter; Scott Mullin and Kasey Best.

Siblings, Nicole and Dwayne Morgan, hosted the show which featured performances by Comedian Jay Martin and urban dance group, Next Level.

First-place prizes include a one-year fitness membership, suits from Andrew’s Formals and massage treatments courtesy of the Chakra Spa. Ryan Goddard will also compete in the Mr. Caribbean International event being held from October 1st to 8th at the new Hedonism III resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

For information on how you can join the group for a getaway or to find out how to compete in next year’s event, call (416) 568-5365 or visit the site

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