Monday, March 24, 2008

WE ADVICE - Dear Sonya

Dear Sonya,
I lived with my girl for 4 years, we bought a house together and things were going well. One day she decided that things were not working, her parents did not approve of me and our relationship, so she left. I let her take the furniture and whatever she wanted. I make her car payments and cell phone bills (the account is in my name) and I give her rent money sometimes. I dont want her back, but I do want her to be happy. I called her the other day and I think she had someone over, I heard a guys voice in the background. She said it was just a friend!, should I even care?

Dear Sugar Daddy,
Yah you should care, you should care about yourself a little more. This girl just up and left you and also left you with her bills. She wanted to leave and make it on her own, well let her be. I know you care about her, but the girl is taking advantage of a sweet deal. Cut the cell phone, no more car payments and if she cant make the rent, let her to go back to her disapproving parents’ house.

Dear Sonya,
My mother has a new boyfriend in her life. She is 52 and he is 35. He comes over all the time, he hangs out at the house, brings his buddies over. My mom supports him fully. He says he has a part time job, but I never see him going anywhere, except my mom’s purse. I’m ready to go to college next year and I work full time to make money to go to college and my mom is spending all her money on this dude. What is she thinking?, I brought it up to her and we got into a huge fight and we barely talk anymore. I feel like her boyfriend is using her, but she wont listen.

Dear Distraught Daughter,
This guy has it good - maybe its easy for you to see, but remember "love is blind" and plus your mom needs companionship too, she needs to feel good too. At 52, it’s a little more difficult to get out there in the dating scene, so she just may find it that much easier to keep what she’s got. If you are really concerned about this guy- write your mom a letter, this will avoid the 'bickering" and you will have your say. After that, leave it and let it be: don’t strain your relationship with your mom over this guy, just be there for her.

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