Monday, March 24, 2008

WE BACCHANAL - 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Partner

By My PlayHouse

10: “Oh gosh, I’m not in the mood” – You need to take it for the team, don’t be selfish damn it!

9: “There’s someone else” – that’s when you scratch your head and ask yourself, is that why she/he is never in the mood?

8: “I doh know how to cook” – that poses a huge problem if you as well don’t know how to cook. Being anorexic is not an option.

7: “I’ve be intimate with “X” amount of people before you” – Don’t need to know, lie if necessary.

6: After two minutes in bed they say, “ah buss”, when you just getting started – WTF?!?!

5: “Babes go down on me nah (while pushing your head down)” – But ah find you’re bright to be pushing my head. Doh ask me for s**t if you’re not returning the favor. WE WILL FIGHT!!!!

4: “I don’t like your friends and I want you to stop limin’ with them” – Guess What! They don’t like you either, so should I also stop limin’ with you?

3: “Honey, I just came back from the doctor and there’s something I need to tell you” – At that point, that’s when a heart attack will take me over.

2: “Love me up nah” (after now having sex) – *lol*.

1: “We need to talk” – That’s when you play deaf and walk in the other direction right away.

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