Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WE RELATIONSHIPS: Rules of Engagement - Expect the unexpected continued…

By Niama S. Sandy

Ladies and gentlemen, the developments of the Expect the Unexpected installment of The Rules have warranted a continuation!

Cara and Danny continued to date and hang out. He even invited to her to one of his soccer matches. At the match he gave her his coat to hold. Inside of the coat was Danny’s phone; it kept ringing and buzzing and making all manner of noises. Eventually, Cara got tired of hearing the thing go off. She looked at the phone and she noticed it was an unsaved number that kept calling. In glancing at the call history she noticed that her number wasn’t saved in the phone either. Interests peaked; Cara did a little further investigation and looked at Danny’s message inbox. “I can’t wait to see you either baby, I love you too” from Miss Missed Call. Interesting…very interesting…But Cara decided that she wasn’t going to pay it any mind. They hadn’t made any proclamations of undying love and faithfulness so what’s the big deal, right?

Fast forward one week. Danny is taking a shower and Cara happens to be in the bathroom. The shower curtain in the bathroom is clear. She happened to glance in the direction of the shower. She noticed that there seemed to be an extra stream of liquid from the direction opposite the showerhead. Ladies and gentleman, the man was taking a leak in the woman’s shower!

Cara drew back the shower curtain and asked Danny what it is he was doing. He said he was peeing. She looked down and noticed that he had been peeing on her washcloth and told him so. (When I heard this I swear it was some kinna obeah situation!) He did not apologize, or reach for the thing to wash it off. I suppose that would have been too decent a thing for him to do. What he did do was tell her was that it was “all going the same place anyway.” Could you imagine? Had that been me, the hardest, nearest object would have been hitting him in the wettest spots on his body! A stinging for all seasons! But I digress…needless to say that was the last we heard of Danny, both the washcloth and his number were erased from Cara’s world.

So our Rules for the month…
“You can always count on people to be themselves.” A friend of mine once told me that and it is always true. When you think you know someone somewhere along the way they will show you their true face. Don’t turn a blind eye…believe them and let your feet do the talking. Don’t be a fool for anyone who will not be a fool for you.
Only pee in your own shower. If you are one of those people who does that, doh go in nobody house and do it. And okay if you for some reason can’t wait, at least wash de bathtub after!

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dannyf23 said...

Hello Jeff, just wondering if you still have the WE January 2008 magazine that featured the Aroni Awards.

Danny Fee