Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WE SPOTLIGHT - Adrian Dutchin: The Humble Pride of Guyana

By Karen L. Richardson

The air was hot and thick in Toronto on the night I met the emerging soca singer Adrian Dutchin in 2006. It was about 2 a.m. when a handsome young man, short in stature with a big personality, walked over to introduce himself to me as the reigning soca monarch of Guyana. I was already a fan. “On Me” had long since made it to the heavy rotation list in my car. Curious about the man behind the music, I had googled the artiste to see what I can learn about him. And there he was before me, humbly blending in to the Caribana masses.

I’ve been watching Adrian Dutchin ever since. The 26-year-old singer/songwriter grew up in Georgetown, Guyana. Without a father to show him the ropes, Dutchin found his own path through childhood. He always loved music, but never dreamed that one day it would become his career.

“I might have said yes to acting, but me singing? Nah!” Adrian said laughing. “My mother would scream at me to stop in the shower, but I went into a studio one day to do a TV show I was a part of, and I never turned back since then.”

“The guy that’s my manager today, turned me back like about five times, but was convinced to give me a chance and I’m thankful for it.” He got his break after finally impressing Burchmoore Simone. Two soca monarch titles later and a hit called “Impossible”, Adrian is gaining visibility like no other Guyanese soca artiste. In 2007, Simone hooked him up with veteran Bajan band Krosfyah. Dutchin currently sings frontline vocals alongside Edwin Yearwood and Khiomal Nurse bringing explosive energy to each live performance.

“I’m very blessed to be working with the band. I’m having a blast. I have learned to control my way of being on the stage, but every day is a learning process,” said Adrian. It’s not known how long his working relationship will continue, so for now he’s just going with the flow. He’s enjoying each new experience while staying close to his Guyanese roots.

“I just want to let go some music and have fun man. I have been performing a lot in different countries. I just want to enjoy my festival,“ said Adrian. Guyana’s Mashramani Carnival just wrapped up at the end of February, and Adrian participated fully. He sang “No Place Like Home”, to win himself the Carib Soca Monarch crown, February 16th. The song was recorded and produced in New York by Shawn “Mastamind” Noel. This is Dutchin’s third Soca Monarch victory.

He’s got big plans for 2008. Adrian Dutchin is still half of the group X2 (Times Two) with longtime friend and colleague Jumo Primo. The duo has an album coming out in 2008. “X2 is something in my heart and would never leave because myself and Jumo love doing what we do. We are like brothers. Our relationship is really down to earth,” said Adrian.

Dutchin is enjoying the ride and trusting God for more blessings in the future. To upcoming artistes he says, “respect your craft, treat it with care. Love it. It’s yours. Always put God first. Always.”

For more information on Adrian Dutchin and X2 visit www.myspace.com/adriandutchin2

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(Nurse) Karen said...

Adrian was a real joy to interview. On a personal note, I find it very exciting to see the way he approaches his career.