Saturday, January 5, 2008

WE Bacchanal* - Top 10 ways to catch a cheating partner

By Mr PlayHouse

For all you paranoid gals/fellas who feel a little weary of your partners loyalty, here's how you can catch on to them.

#10. Tell your partner you're going out of town, and then monitor what he/she does while you're supposedly away.

#9. Check the odometer on the car for unexplainable extra mileage. If you're extra paranoid install a GPS tracking device on the car. *lol*

#8. If your partner claims to be working late all the time. Check their pay stubs and make sure it reflects the overtime.

#7. Check computer histories for multiple free-based email account websites. If your partner has frequent gmail, yahoo and hotmail visits and doesn’t email you from any of those, something is up.

#6. If your partner’s computer and cell phone history is always clean, then definitely something is up.

#5. Set up a fake myspace or facebook profile, then leave your girl a flirty comment and wait for a response.

#4. Technology is a great thing... simply buy your girl/guy a phone as a gift (one that has a GPS of course).

#3. Use the good old 'bluff'. If you're a good actor, say to your partner "I know what you've been up too, here's your last chance to tell me the truth". Wait for a reaction!

If in bed your girl screams out "OH YES DELROY"; and Delroy isn't your name... BUSTED!

AND... The #1 way to know if you have a cheating partner...
If he/she is going to Trinidad Carnival and insists that you don't go along for the trip... END IT... ONE TIME!

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* Definition of Bacchanal: Caribbean slang word (noun); Confusion; Causing problems amongst each other.


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LOL love this blog. *cough* Number 5 I've done before...shhhh.

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