Saturday, January 5, 2008

WE FITNESS - Get in shape for T&T Carnival 2K8… SOCACIZE!

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is only weeks away and thousands of scantily clad men and women will fill soon the streets of Port-of-Spain. Are you ready? If not, what better way to get in shape and look fabulous in that $500 USD costume than to practice your “whining skills” while burning those extra calories.

SOCACIZE™ is a special fitness class which combines dance movements (performed to Soca, Calypso, Zouk, Reggae, Dancehall and Drum music) into a cardiovascular and strength training program. “Prepare for a 1 hour SOCA Jam!” says Ayanna Lee-Rivears (program co-ordinator). “SOCASIZE™ includes cardio, weight training, toning and tightening drills and combos to help tone arms, legs and butt!” The goal of the program is to offer a work-out with music and movements that raise the individual’s spirit for an enjoyable session while burning calories quickly (up to 1000 per 60 minute session).

SOCACIZE™ is a fun alternative to having to routinely go to the gym several times a week. The program is designed for individuals that do not have the time to exercise during the work week or simply don't have the motivation to keep fit. According to Ayanna “It's the equivalent to having a regular daily fifteen minute daily workout, but compressed into a 1 hour session.”
Regular sessions are held throughout the GTA, but to prepare for the upcoming T&T Carnival season, a special SOCACIZE™ Conditioning Boot Camp will take place every weekend in January 2008; (Saturdays 12:30pm-1:30pm and Sundays 2pm-3pm) at the Scarborough Youth Resource Centre (SYRC) - 300 Borough Rd (inside the Scarborough Town Centre, next to the Disney Store).

For more information on a 2008 schedule or to register for classes contact Ayanna at 416-728-5545, or visit

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