Tuesday, January 8, 2008

WE MUSIC: Nadia Batson – 100% Caribbean Girl

By Karen L. Richardson

It’s finally here. Nadia Batson’s debut album hit the streets on December 17th - not a moment too soon. Her career began 15 years ago, singing background vocals for everyone in the business. At just 31 years of age, Batson is already a veritable veteran in Trinidad’s music circles.

The 13-track album is called “Caribbean Girl.” It’s named for the release that earned her an impressive third place finish in Trinidad’s 2007 Groovy Soca Monarch competition. “I figured that it's time that I compile all of my songs...can't keep releasing singles. Plus I felt like it would also be an exhibition of my growth,” said Batson.

The title is a natural fit for the quintessential Caribbean girl. Nadia is a proud West Indian. When you hear her pristine voice hammer out My Land or One Island, it only takes a moment to understand what she’s about.

“I represent where I'm from 100%. I think that we as Caribbean people are not fully aware of our richness, our beauty and our potential, the way we talk, our warmth, our food. We are so beautiful,” said Batson “and so I have no problem being the Caribbean Girl, ‘cause I'm extremely proud of that.”

But there’s so much more to Miss Batson. She’s a lover of music, and she strives to create the best, both for herself and for other artists in the business. “Good music to me would be that song that can evoke a certain feeling out of me, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, anticipation, whatever,” Batson shared. “So any song that can be my mouth piece, I like.”

The accomplished singer-songwriter has indeed come a long way. “I just used to write poems and sappy teenage love songs. It wasn’t anything that I had really planned on making a career,” said Batson. Writing, however, eventually became her calling card. Having written high energy soca hits like Flames and Expose, Nadia’s songs have catapulted Antigua’s Tizzy and Barbados’ Barry Chandler into the international spotlight. Batson’s work was aptly recognized when she walked away as 2006 songwriter of the year at the annual COTT Music Awards.

With the release of her very own album, the focus shifts to Nadia the vocalist. “I would have to say that the most important lesson learned was that I always need to believe in myself, cause I am a talented person who deprived myself of true happiness and success for too long. I need to always remember who I am,” said Nadia.

The collection is a mix of previously released singles and newer tracks that display a depth many do not expect from the soca genre. Listeners will see Batson from a more intimate vantage point on As My Pen Drops and Ready For My Loving.

For 2008, she is singing her way through a hectic carnival season with Kes the Band. Versatility oozes from her microphone as she croons in a groovy soca-chutney style Meri Zindagi. On My Posse, the word-of-the-day is pace. In contrast, the ongoing theme for her career is stamina. And with each new milestone, there is no doubt Nadia Batson has what it takes.

For more on Nadia Batson check out www.myspace.com/nadiabatson

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(Nurse) Karen said...

What can I say about Nadia? She's such a true talent. She deserves every bit of success that's coming to her. Don't forget to check her out in "The Reef", Trinidad's brand new dramatic series featuring Nadia, Kees, Hoppie...and a set of other stars!