Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ask WE - Dear Sonya

Dear Sonya,
I am a 24 year old man, I have only been with girls since I was in high school, but I find that I am also attracted to men. When I am watching T.V or in a club or I just see some guy walking in the mall, I catch myself staring. I don’t act gay; I’m not girly in any way, if anything, I am known for being macho. There is no way I would tell my parents, I would be disowned for sure! Should I even experiment with it?
- one way or the other’

Dear ‘one way or the other’,
Are you attracted to girls as well? If you find that you are attracted to men only, then YES you are hiding in the closet and you need to find OUT and come OUT. What are you going to do, eventually marry a girl in a loveless marriage to make your parents happy? You will make that girl miserable and yourself miserable. You don’t have to be ‘girly’ to be gay by the way. Check out some clubs downtown, put yourself in the scene and see where it leads you—You never know what happiness you may find at the end of the rainbow...........
- Sonya

Dear Sonya,
Whenever I go out with my boyfriend and my friends, he is always chatting them up more than me! I am sick of it, I feel so small when I am standing across the room watching him be flirtatious with my friends. When we are alone, its different, I get the attention, but as soon as my friends are around, he skids in another direction. I get so pissed off by the end of the night, but now I don’t say anything, because the one time I did he accused me of being jealous and insecure.
- not feelin the luv

Dear ‘not feelin the luv’,
Its not jealousy, its respect (but what guy wont roll his eyes to this?). What’s up with your friends, they in on the game too? Sorry but a guy wouldn’t flirt with a girl constantly unless he was getting some vibe back. Anyways, you have two options, Option one: leave buddy to find his way home next time you’re in this predicament & find your way out of that busted up relationship. Option two: fight fire with fire (lots of girls like this one), besides it’s easier for a girl to flirt with someone than it is for a guy. Con to this - this could back fire in your face but who cares if it does, let him skid (sh*t does that!).
- Sonya

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