Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WE COMMUNITY - Play with GIRLS not Guns!

The NOT GUNS campaign promotes non-violence. Targeted primarily at males between the ages of 14-35, the campaign specifically focuses on youth gun violence (hence the title, NOT GUNS). Some audiences may not view a 30+ year-old man as a member of the youth demographic however; this wide age group is responsible for the majority of recent gun crimes being committed in the GTA.

Business partners, Bruce Ramsay and Erue White, have been motivated by the recent increase of senseless violence in communities around the GTA. Gun violence in many neighbourhoods appears to now be a monthly issue. Innocent lives are being lost and many more are feeling the affects of those losses.

The NOTGUNS campaign sheds light on a serious issue in a way that youth can relate to. NOT GUNS uses humorous and catchy slogans to inspire conversation and increase awareness without being heavy handed or corny.

Their first slogan "Play With Girls Not Guns" has been well received by communities across the GTA. Youths have accepted their apparel as something cool to wear out to clubs and parties thus spreading the anti-violence message to more people than the campaign could ever reach directly. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible, starting with the Canadian market. Eventually, they plan on reaching out to the rest of North America with their message, which is basically, “Guns are not cool and not meant to be played with.”

For more information please visit - http://www.notguns.com/ & www.myspace/notguns.com

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