Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WE Christmas Tips – It’s Secret Santa Time!

by Marie Fleming

It’s just about that time where someone in your office suggests getting into the Christmas festivities with organizing Secret Santa secret Gift Exchange. Always a tough one, buying for your co-workers that you really don’t know that well…especially when you’re working on a $20 budget…

Here are a few gift ideas that can fall under your $20 price range:

For ladies in the office, you can never go wrong with accessories; costume jewelry is fashionable these days, or even a nice scarf. Brighten up your co-workers outfit with a richly coloured pashmina found in just about every clothing store this winter.

For those who enjoy relaxing on a Friday night with some friends head straight to the liquor store… Bottles of wine come cheap 10-15 dollars, and if you wanna go all out you can add in some Cheese and crackers - Make it a wine and cheese night.

You can also pick up some large wine glasses. Bowring has many fancy wine glasses for good prices. A few extra wine glasses always come in handy.

And with the winter hitting us with full force, some flavoured coffee baskets from Starbucks can always warm the heart. Teas and Hot chocolate is also an option for the non-coffee drinkers. Portable coffee mugs are always appreciated.

For the a passionate readers, getting them a novel by their favourite author may mean more to them than you realize, and now that books and magazines are sold at the US list price you can even pick up two!

One of my personal favourites is the sweet scented products at The Body Shop. There’s a wide range of Body butters in many exotic scents, or you can also pick up one of their heated oil burners which will fill their home with the holiday spirit.

Sweet tooth anyone? Stop by Laura Secord and check out one of their decadent chocolate trays because you can NEVER go wrong with chocolate.

If the person you are buying for is a smoker you can always visit any smoke shop and pick up one of their many Chrome Lighters and don’t forget some fuel.

Or even drop by any convenience store and grab some lottery tickets. Give your co-workers a chance to dream, who knows, if they win you may also get a little something out of it.

With 2008 around the corner, you can help your co-workers put a little structure in their lives. Purchasing a Personal Agenda may be just what they need to get organized!

For the sports addicts you can never go wrong with some sports memorabilia. They would love something as simple as a key chain, calendar or cap, with the logo of their favorite team.

And if none of the above appeals to you, don’t feel that gift certificates are not an option. For many it’s the best gift they can ever receive. This way they can choose exactly what they want and maybe use it to help pay for that special something that they may have been eyeing. One of the safest ways to go is the Cadillac Fairview Gift Certificates. You can purchase certificates at any of the guest services in any Cadillac Fairview mall, which can be used at nearly any of the mall’s stores. For locations check out: www.shops.ca

Let me leave you with one word of caution; do not get too personal with your gifts. Stay away from gifts that may be considered ‘crossing the line’!

Have fun being Santa this year!

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