Tuesday, December 11, 2007


With black cake, pastelles, ham and chow chow with a tall glass of sorrel plus Parang in the air, that means Christmas is drawing near and the new year is right around the corner; so my thoughts are focused on resolutions. Being a DJ, music is ALWAYS on my mind, so I can't help but think of musical resolutions for the Soca industry. What would YOU like those involved in Soca to resolve to do differently in 2008? Give it some thought nuh? Hmmmmmm, what if...
One thing that comes to mind is collaborations. More specifically, the collabos with artists from other genres of music. What if a Soca artist resolved to only do songs with an artist where the respect is reciprocal? I'm tired of seeing Reggae or Hip Hop artists in Trinidad for Carnival, but they would never invite the same Soca artist to share their stage at their concerts. The relationship really needs to work both ways, ent?

What if bands and artists vowed to change up their performance routine? Once seen at their home countries festival, do you really want to see them perform that EXACT SAME set again here in Toronto and abroad for the rest of the year, until the next carnival season?
What if those with the ability to push music did so without bias towards allegiance or nationality?
What if everyone put their money where their mouth was and actually supported the artists and the producers as opposed to the pirates?

What if promoters and DJ's had a true love for the culture as opposed to a love for the almighty dollar?

What if artists wore their size? Not every male artist should take off their shirt, and not every female artist should wear the skin tight outfits. Not trying to be mean, just stating the obvious...not all bicycle wines should be done in spandex...lol

So with this year drawing to a close, what would your new year's resolution be for the Soca industry? Now THAT is THE QUESTION.

Dr Jay de Soca Prince welcomes your feedback on this topic at thequestion@socatherapy.com

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