Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seasons Greetings from WE - Message from the Publisher

By Anthony Joseph

When I started thinking of wishing WE readers the best of the season, it occurred to me that we have in a short time managed to reach a number of impressive milestones. First, WE launched a new and exciting magazine that our community can call WE own. Secondly, WE has printed and delivered over 145,000 copies to over 1000 locations across the GTA from Oakville to Ajax; and has been read by over 725,000 of WE people.

That these statistics are impressive in their own right for a magazine still in its infancy is a source of great pride. But the true source of astonishment was the discovery that the deep well of West Indians and West Indian-rooted talent, which I knew was always there, was not only deeper and wider than expected, but also contained such a variety of talent that WE's problem was not finding subjects, but how to choose from such a vast array.

I am pleased to say that WE is blessed to have this rich West Indian cornucopia drawn from the categories we proudly boast on the cover: Music, Culture, Art, People, Life. Because of WE's breadth of interest and willingness to test the boundaries of conventional forms of literary expression, a highly literate young generation of writers has taken up the challenge of writing for a West Indian readership in the rhythm and tempo of the Islands. So far the beat has attracted the attention of both critics, who hew close to convention, and praise from a larger segment, who is prepared to go with WE on a journey of West Indian entertainment and life seen through a West Indian prism. WE are more than pleased with the results; but knowing that a magazine is very much a living thing that grows from issue to issue, WE is not sitting on its laurels despite the early successes, but will continue to shape and craft itself as it evolves. In life, as in art, inertia is not an option.

In 2008 you will read more of the lives and accomplishments of West Indian artists in life and entertainment; you will also hear the stories of those who work in the background but live creative lives that make wonderful subjects for our talented team of writers.

In this, the final issue for 2007, WE puts the icing on a fine beginning, a beginning that would have little value without your careful attention and constructive feedback. WE deeply appreciates your contribution and in return wishes that the Christmas season finds you in a giving spirit and ready to accept with an open heart the goodwill for which the season stands.

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Bonnie said...

Lovely to see a blog site giving the US Virgin Islands their due- especially St Croix.I've lived here for 7 years and appreciate every wonderful aspect of it's charm. So much so, that I've dedicated a site to its' unique array of art, culture and warmth.
It's called St. Croix-nicity and can be found at http://bonnieluria.wordpress.com